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May 1, 2010

When Jehovah's Witnesses Attack

Under normal circumstances, I never answer the door. I let somebody else get it or I ignore it. Anybody who wants to get in touch with me can do so by phone or email or Facebook. However, since my mother can’t answer the door, I now have to. Yesterday, the doorbell rang and I groaned. It’s possible that it was somebody for my mother which I wouldn’t have minded. But, another more likely possibility existed. That it was a door to door salesman. I opened the door to find three black women standing there. Their ages indicated they were all family: A young teenager, an elderly woman, and another in her 30s or 40s. The middle one smiled and gave me a brief greeting. She then pulled out a bible and started reading to me.

“Ugh,” I thought as I listened politely. Though the woman I spoke to was very sweet and charming, I still hate having to deal with things like this. (And is precisely why I don’t answer the door.)

Apparently, they were selling a religious booklet. I declined and they gave me a Watchtower magazine and went on their way.

Even though my atheism screams in protest whenever I have to listen to this sort of thing, I still strongly prefer the missionaries over the door-to-door salesmen we occasionally get.


Mike Golch said...

living in the condo,we do not have people knocking on the door.

Berryvox said...

Mike - That would be one lovely thing about apartment or condo living.

Joanna said...

I am a Christian and I HATE being preached to. I don't want to hear it unless I am at church and it comes with a message. I don't know why people come to people's doors and do this.

This is a big reason why I hate answering my door to, this and people who want to scam oh I means ell me something or the people who ask for donations. A few weeks ago 2 teenagers came to my door and I was in a rush to get my kids to a gym class and they were really rude and ran their mouth to my 6 year old. I need to put a no soliciting sign on my door. Or something that say's LEAVE ME ALONE! LOL