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July 2, 2010

Cancer Survivors Park in Minneapolis

Near Nicollet Mall & Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, there's a medium-sized park that rests just behind this large office building.

The Cancer Survivors Park

I probably wouldn't have noticed it as I passed a week or so ago but this sculpture in the middle of it caught my eye.

"Cancer...There's Hope"
by Victor Salmones

The plaque reads:

This sculpture, "Cancer...There's Hope"
is the last work of the renowned sculptor,
Victor Salmones.
He claimed it to be his finest, a labor of love.
The back five figures are cancer patients and
their supporters preparing to enter
treatment, represented by the maze.
Notice the fear, determination, and hope on
their faces in contrast
to the joy of the front three,
signifying successful treatment.

1 comment:

Ferd said...

This kind of post is your very best! Beautiful pictures: the building with the great reflection, the interesting the sculpture, the plaque (of course!), and the humanistic nature subject. Wow! This was really great. I showed it to Gail.
Thanks for sharing it with us!