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July 10, 2010

Yes, I'm Cheap

Minneapolis, St. Paul, and their surrounding suburbs have a ton of outdoor festivals and carnivals. Almost all occur during the warmer months. Offhand, the only exception I can think of is the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Earlier this month, I almost went to two until I realized they both charged admission fees. Kinda HIGH admission fees.

The Taste of Minnesota has been around since the early 80’s. It’s located on Harriet Island in downtown St. Paul and mostly centers on food and music, but mostly food. Restaurants from around town set up stands that offer items besides the standard corndogs, mini-donuts, and cotton candy. It occurs for a few days around the 4th of July and is one of the major places in St. Paul to see fireworks. Before this year, it was always free. This year, they started charging a $20 admission fee. Umm, noooo. $5 would’ve been acceptable. I might even have paid $10. But, unless I like one or more of the bands playing one of the stages, I’m not paying $20 to buy overpriced food.

Basilica of St. Mary,
downtown Minneapolis
I might have paid $20 for the Basilica Block Party. This outdoor festival started in 1995 to help pay for the restoration of the Basilica of Saint Mary in downtown Minneapolis. And it continues to help fund restoration projects for the historic church and its outreach program for those in a difficult time. That would’ve made $20 an acceptable admission price. But, it’s actually $45 for a one-day pass. Ouch. Again, unless one of the bands playing is in my top 10, that’s too pricey for me.
Oh, well. There’s always the Minneapolis Aquatennial later this month.

Credit: The photo is from the Basilica's wikipedia site. I don't have one of my own. Yet.


The Prince of Centraxis said...

Nice building, but it's a pity the company that owns it is riddled with greed and uses superstition to keep people cowed. Pay your money to a more worthy cause that doesn't rip you off so badly - like a local band of musicians or a theatrical troupe; really creative people who actually deserve your support.
Nice blog.

Berryvox said...

That's a good point. I'm an atheist who really doesn't like supporting any religion, especially one that threatens with a tortured hell.

Patti said...

Wow, from $0 to $20 in one year. I'd think that would have a significant affect on the number of people that come. I wouldn't pay it either.

resimli yemek tarifleri said...

nice image thank you..

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Berryvox said...

Patti - It did lower attendance (of course). It IS a bargain if you're there for one of the bands though. And both festivals have national and local acts every year.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Hi - I cruised over here from 4th Ave Blues and decided to stick around because i'm formerly a Mpls-St Paulian and miss the place, tho i do love my adopted California home.

I have a question about the images in your posts. How do you get the captions onto the white border below the picture? Is that a Blogger thing or do you use a different program?

Thanks, dig your blog!

Jackie said...

Happening here where entrance fees have got so high that the majority of folk cannot attend most things, then they complain that they don't get supported.

Nice architecture.

Berryvox said...

TBM - It's a Blogger thing. They now allow you to add captions to your images and the white border automatically shows up.