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July 21, 2010

More Photos From Minnehaha Falls

Note: For those non-Minnesotans just coming across my blog, Minnehaha Park is a large park in south Minneapolis. The focal point is Minnehaha Falls. In 1855, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow published a poem, The Song of Hiawatha, that mentioned Minnehaha Falls. That poem turned the area into a minor tourist attraction for many years.

I went to Minnehaha Falls this morning to look for the "Hiawatha & Minnehaha" statue. Unfortunately, I didn't find it. (I was looking too far west, I think.)

I did, however, find this historical marker that I've never seen before.

"President Lyndon B. Johnson, Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, and Governor Karl Rolvaag enjoy the spray from Minnehaha Falls. On that day in 1964, however, Minneapolis was experiencing a drought. In order to create the beautiful display of the falls pictured here, the city had to open many fire hydrants, upstream and out of sight, to feed water to the creek."

These 4-person 'bicycles' are rented out in the summer
and can often be seen on the Grand Rounds trails.


Noko Haha said...

My Aunt Lo overheard the following conversation between the president and vice president at the falls way back when.

HHH: What do you call a small joke
LBJ: I think I saw one standing next to you in the john a couple minutes ago.
HHH: Now Lyndon don't be crude! In Minnesota we call a small joke a mini-haha!

Berryvox said...