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August 1, 2010

Boats of Lake Nokomis and Blog Challenges

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I decided to join a blog challenge:
The Ultimate Blog Challenge. Basically, it requires you to post 31 times in the month of August. The posts don't have to be daily. Two or three posts in one day count as long they meet the minimum of 100 words. That shouldn't be too difficult, right?

* * *

Summers in Minnesota are often hot and humid. For the most part, it's tolerable. When I decided to bike to Minnehaha Falls* today, eighty-five degrees didn't seem that bad. However, I didn't realize just how
humid it was. By the time I reached Lake Nokomis, I was drenched in sweat, which rarely happens.

will get that photo of the "Song of Hiawatha" sculpture. It may kill me but I will get it, dammit.

I decided to rest for a bit at a picnic table at one of Lake Nokomis's two beaches. Nokomis isn't heavily used compared to Lake Calhoun or Lake Harriet to the west but there were still about 30 or 40 people swimming, barbecuing, and lounging around. The lifeguard watched from her perch while a little white dog yapped at passersby and a lone seagull flew overhead. I
really wanted to take an overview photo of the beach but I'm uncomfortable putting strangers' pictures on the internet so I chose not to. It feels like I'm violating their privacy. And that's how today's boat theme came to be. :-)

My amateurish attempt at 'panorama stitching mode'


Mike Golch said...

sounds like some thing that i do not want to try.

Emm said...

Your panarama shot is fantastic! If that is "amateur" then I can;t imagine how much better it would get!

Famous last words: "That shouldn't be too difficult, right?" Good luck with the blog challenge. It isn't always easy but it will be massively rewarding in the end.

Berryvox said...

Mike - Ha, yeah, I tend to like challenges. It's motivating for me but I can see how it would just annoy a lot of people.

Emm - The camera did a much better job of tying the 3 shots together than I thought it would! I can see a little bit of color variation but I'm probably just being overly perfectionist.

Ferd said...

I agree, the panaorama shot is really cool! Where's the "more like this" box so I can check it?

You know, I started biking to work, and then I stopped. Same thing, it is so blasted hot and humid, I arrived to work drenched and it just took too long to cool down! I'll pick it back up when the weather cools down.

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Ha, another e-friend of mine in Alabama tried biking to work and had the same problem.