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August 3, 2010


Vegetarian Gyoza


Ferd said...

Yum! How's it made? What's in it? Looks good! Makes me hungry!

Ferd said...

Can you add a "subscribe by email" widget?

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Widget added! It's on the right-hand side on the very bottom.

Umm, I have no clue how gyoza is made! My mother's the cook. It's pretty much the same as the 'potstickers' in most Chinese restaurants. The only difference is the wrapper. Japanese 'gyoza' wrappers are very thin compared to the Chinese version. I think she buys them from United Noodles, a local Asian grocery store. Also, tofu was substituted for the pork that she normally uses.

Ferd said...

Thanks! I am now subscribed! :-)

I'll have to look for this next time I'm at a Japanese restaurant!

Thom said...

Those look very good. :) I love to eat them :) Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated :)

sandy said...

Is this a pasta? Looks cheesy and like pasta?

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Finding good veggie gyoza is difficult, you are so lucky your mom makes them. :)

I used to live in Japan and know of which i speak. LOL.