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August 26, 2010

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

I really shouldn't say what I am or am not going to do. A few weeks ago, I said I'd concentrate more on 'places' posts instead of 'personal' ones. And this one is turning out to be half-and-half.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided I wanted to see what the northern part of the Grand Rounds trails looks like. Previously, I've always turned back at Lake Calhoun. It took a few tries before I was able to find the connection between Calhoun and Cedar Lake. My eventual destination was Theodore Wirth Park but, on the way there, I caught a sign that showed a different path to Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. I decided to save Wirth for later and changed direction.

For some reason, I've lived here for most of my life and never visited the Sculpture Garden. I guess I fell into the 'locals don't do tourist things' trap in my earlier years. It's a beautiful park, set up like a formal garden. Tall hedges section off various parts of the park. Instead of large collections of flowers, the park is filled with sculptures. It's only been here since 1988. Before that, it was a formal garden adjacent to the Kenwood Armory.

(Edited to add: Tokyo Biker Mommy pointed out that the Garden has been there since long before 1988. This is absolutely true. It probably just officially changed its name to "Minneapolis Sculpture Garden" in '88.)

Taken around 1915
Photo Source:  
Walker Art Center

I don't get this. Little too modern art for me.

Spoonbridge and Cherry

My favorite statue in the park

Before I snapped this photo, a little girl ran up,
picked his nose and ran away. I LOL'ed.

The bike ride there was mostly uneventful. It was on the way home that it turned weird. I was on the Cedar Lake Trail which runs from downtown to the western suburbs. The section I was on is very close to downtown but the trail looks rural. The very last thing I expected to see was a deer and her fawn run out onto the path in front of me and disappear back into the woods. 'That was a little odd,' I thought. (Though I later learned that my father's former boss once saw a buck in the same area.)

On the Cedar Lake Trail.
The marker doesn't say anything interesting.
Something along the lines of "Cedar Lake Trail.
Funded by (I forgot)"

A few miles down the trail, I heard panting coming up from behind me. 
'What the...?!?' I thought and moved farther to the right of the trail. A poodle whizzed past me. Behind it was a leash and a teenage boy on rollerblades. The dog had obviously done this before. It ran perfectly down the trail, turned a corner, and they disappeared from sight. I laughed and thought, "Okay, today has turned into the weirdest day ever."


Ferd said...

Beautiful pictures!
Great garden!
It's nice to see Minneapolis so green.
I'm glad you share your city like this!

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

When i was going to college at the U of M i worked at the Walker and the Sculpture Garden was like our own backyard. A very cool place to work in the 80's. Only been there since '88, tho? I think it was there in the early 80s.

Berryvox said...

TBM - You might be right! I pulled the info off Walker's website. The internet is a dodgy resource. Wikipedia has a line that says "Spoonbridge and Cherry (1985-1988)" and I'm not entirely sure what that means.

Patti said...

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics!

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by to thank you for taking on the August Comment Challenge.
There is a special button located on my sidebar for everyone who signed up.
Thanks again

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Hi again,

I think what's up with the timing is that 88 was when it became a city park. Prior to that it was private property perhaps owned by the Walker? Back when i lived there it wasn't called the "Mpls" Sculpture Garden.