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August 4, 2010

More Challenges

During my Entrecard dropping, I found yet another challenge to do over at Harriet & Friends. This one challenges the participants to leave 1000 comments on other people’s blogs during the month of August. I’m sure I won’t make it since I have a self-imposed rule to not leave one or two word comments. But, hey, it’ll be fun to try.

In other news, I’m thinking of doing a series of related articles for this blog. Lately, I’ve been trying to concentrate more on places around town and, maybe, the occasional historical person. Similar to what I did for Father Hennepin a couple of days ago. Those posts seem to get the most positive responses. And, if I were reading this blog, I’d personally find those posts more interesting than stuff from my personal life. ‘Cause I’ve gone back over older posts and I just seem whiny in some of my personal life posts.

So, I’m stuck between “Haunted Places of the Twin Cities” or “Museums of Minneapolis-St. Paul”. I’m heavily leaning toward “Haunted Places”. It sounds more fun though I love museums too. Maybe I’ll do the museum series when the weather starts to get a little too cold to be wandering outdoors. Which sounds more interesting to you?


Cheryl Antier said...

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the idea about how to get rid of spammers on my blog! I think I'll look into that.

I love your idea of doing an article about haunted place. I did one last fall for the Examiner - it was about Errol Flynn's boat the Zacca. (It was the yacht he owned when he died), and while it was moored over here in the French Riviera, other boaters here parties going on - lights would flash and people would hear music and the sounds of people laughing.

One man even claims he saw Flynn walking on the deck and was so frightened he jumped off the deck of his own ship and had to be fished out!

It was a fun article to research and it got some good response.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!



Vera said...

Hey I joined the comment challenge today too! Goodluck and I hope we both make it to a thousand comments this month :)

Patti said...

I definitely won't hit 1,000 comments. Not even gonna try.

I like the haunted theme, although both sound interesting.



Ferd said...

Hey, K,
I won't join the 1,000 comment challenge. Sounds like a chore. I'll just keep visiting my few favs, like you!

Why can't you do a little of everything on your posts? I like all those ideas. You know I like your reviews of the local historical sites, and I did enjoy the Fr. Hennepin article. And I enjoyed the bike trip series. But I also like your life stories, I really do. It's what attracted me to you and your site in the very first place. The haunted series might be fun, but you can only take that so far. No need to totally limit yourself to just one or two things, though I do understand the importance of focusing the direction of the blog.

Anyway, you can count on me! :-)

Berryvox said...

Ha, I figured the "haunted" series was going to win the most votes. I doubt I'll hit 1000 comments either. 100 would be a stretch for me.

Cheryl - That boat sounds fascinating!

Ferd - Yeah, I think I'll continue with a little bit of everything. I'll probably head over to the Uptown Art Fair this weekend and post about that. And I still want to go back to Lakewood Cemetery. The series idea is just an additional way to motivate myself and get out of the house more.

BeadedTail said...

1,000 comments are a lot! Especially since, like you, I don't like to leave one or two work comments.

The haunted theme sounds interesting to me too!

Used Stationary Bikes said...

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