"We are all of us living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." ~Oscar Wilde
"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

August 13, 2010

Taylor Hicks at the Dakota Jazz Club

Taylor Hicks performing "Soul Thing"
at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis
(Not my video. I didn't bring a proper camera.)

I considered skipping the Taylor Hicks show because concert-going can get to be an expensive hobby. $50 here. $80 there. Oh, hey, it's the Pet Shop Boys. Time to stalk* them to multiple cities and spend money on Greyhound and hotels in addition to the ticket price. But, I gave in and it was totally worth it. Taylor is great live. :-)

*Not really. They just put on an awesome show that's worth seeing multiple times. Plus, I'm all "adolescent hero worship-py" when it comes to them. Also, it's not really a gentle "Oh, hey". It's more like an annoying, high-pitched adolescent fangirl squeal. I'mnotpullingcooloffwellamI?!?


sandy said...

Hubby likes jazz, I'm clueless about names of groups etc.
Love your quotes under your banner.
Have a great wkend
I never post video's on my blog; perhaps I should do some of that?
It sometimes takes me quite a while to get the pictures cropped, edited, and do the research before I can begin with my post.

sandy said...

oophs forgot, Aug Chall

Berryvox said...

Sandy - Yeah, I've found video-editing can be a lot of work. I don't do it much because
A.) I get all self-conscious about my voice.
B.) I don't have a microphone on this computer and voice-overs might make it more interesting.
C.) Windows Movie-Maker doesn't recognize the format my camera takes video in (.mov) and I don't want to buy video-editing software that does.

But, if it's done well, videos can be awesome.

Vera said...

Haven't heard taylor hicks since his Idol days. I was rooting for him then. :)