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September 5, 2010

2010 Minnesota State Fair

Just a bunch of random photos from September 4 at the Minnesota State Fair.
Under normal circumstances, I try to keep strangers out of my photos but it's always crowded at the State Fair and, if you move a few feet, twenty new people will enter your field of vision.

A display on the wall of the Butterfly House


Ferd said...

Each of these pictures are fun, colorful and interesting!
I'm glad you included each and every one of them. You have quite an eye! Or maybe we just find the same things interesting.
It looks like it was a nice weather day, too!

Berryvox said...

Thanks, Ferd! I like some more than others. It was a chilly morning but, as the day progressed, the weather turned nice. :)

The Fitness Diva said...

Please tell me that the fortune teller lady in that booth was not real!! Scary!!! ;)

Great pics. I would love to go to a state fair. Don't think Ive ever been and it looks like fun!

Berryvox said...

Fitness Diva - Haha, no, she was a robot/doll. I should've put a coin in to see what she does but I didn't think at the time.

Minnesota really does have an awesome State Fair. It helps that it's right in the middle of St. Paul. Other states often have 'em out in the middle of nowhere.