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"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

September 7, 2010

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

I spent the afternoon wandering around the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, a beautiful museum just south of downtown Minneapolis. They have almost 100,000 pieces from around the world and the admission is free. (Though I did throw $1 into the donation box.) If you're doing the tourist thing around the Twin Cities, it's a fantastic place to visit.

I'm not good enough at panorama mode to fit in the whole building.

View of the downtown Minneapolis skyline

Can't be a prude when viewing this sculpture.
I cringed a little.


jellybelly said...

I've been to this place when I visited my cousin in Rosemount. I wish I could have seen the twin rivers.

Berryvox said...

There's never enough time to see everything you want to see. In any city or town. :)

Jane Doe said...

I've lived in Minnesota all my life, yet I've never been there. I might have to rectify that sometime. It looks like a beautiful place, your pics are stunning.

Ferd said...

As always, nice pics! Must be a very good museum!

Christy said...

The photos are wonderful throughout the bike ride. I love the bright blue sky.

Michelle said...

Wow I've never been to Minnesota, but after reading your post I feel lie I have. So Informative and I love the pics!