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October 25, 2010

Yay! It's Autumn

In 2 months, that title will turn into "Boo! It's Winter"

(Obligatory "I swear this blog isn't dead" post. It's a personal post and a bit dull. I won't be angry if you yawn and move on to the next blog.)

I fully intend to revive this blog 'soon'. I've just been a little trapped by real-life. A while back, my mother broke her arm after she fell in the kitchen. Four months had passed and the bone wasn't healing so the doctors performed surgery. That wouldn't be a problem for most people but they also performed a bone graft on her hip (in addition to her already having problems with that hip). She couldn't move around by herself after the surgery and needed 24-hour care. She stayed in a nursing home for about three weeks. (Technically, it was called an 'assisted living facility' but, after five minutes in there, you realize it's a nursing home.) So, I went and visited her most days. Mostly because she couldn't smoke unless somebody took her outside and I would be punching the walls if I couldn't smoke for that long.

Sure, most people could've gone and done something outside of that 2-3 hours. However, when forced to do anything resembling that strange thing called responsibility, I turn into a blubbering mess of "But it's hard" and "I hate schedules". So, I really didn't go anywhere blog-worthy for that three weeks. And, now, she's home but I don't want to go out for too long because I'm afraid I'll come back and find her in three pieces. (She still can't get around that well.) But, I get 'days off' when my father isn't working. So, I swear I'll post something soon.

Preferably before the two of us turn into this:

Storyline of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)" from IMDB.com:

"Two aging film actresses live as virtual recluses in an old Hollywood mansion. Jane Hudson, a successful child star, cares for her crippled sister Blanche, whose career in later years eclipsed that of Jane. Now the two live together, their relationship affected by simmering subconscious thoughts of mutual envy, hate and revenge."

That's supposed to be a hand scratching a
window. Not a dead centipede with only
4 legs and rigor mortis.
I failed art class. A lot.


Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Aw, hang in there. It's nice that you can be there for your moms. And this post was funny even if you didn't do any travel writing. :)

Zezebel said...

It's a good thing that you can help your mother while she need it.... :)