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April 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

For a few months now, I've been meaning to go to local thrift shops and browse around. For some reason or other, I didn't. Sometimes, I slept too late and didn't really want to go at night. At others, it was a Sunday when bus service isn't very frequent. But, mostly, I just forgot about the urge.

But, this morning, I went! And immediately discovered that I should have been shopping at thrift stores long, long ago. Sure, it's a little time-consuming to dig through the racks and shelves. But, for the same price as I would normally pay for a pair of jeans at a cheap discount store like Target or Marshall's, I got 2 (pretty heavily used) jeans, a (like-new!) shirt, and the useless crap below that will just clutter up my living space but is awesome.

Old Navy jeans: $5.99
Levi's jeans: $3.99
Lime green shirt: $3.99
Hardcover book: $0.99
Cookie tin with dog/western artwork: $0.20
Bizarre hand-crafted bee sculpture: $0.20

I still prefer Half-Price Books for secondhand books. The store I went to, ARC Value Village, has a pretty disorganized book section. Books seem to just be shoved wherever the stocker was at the time. But, every other section was well-organized and they had some furniture there that would look decent repainted or refinished.

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Ferd said...

Those are some good deals, and some good junk!