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May 17, 2011

"Free?" Wifi

Minneapolis's free wifi is confusing me. This is what I originally wrote at around 5pm today:

"It's good to test things out. Last night, I was researching an article for Helium on where to find free wifi in the Twin Cities*. I stumbled across a website that talked about the city of Minneapolis's contract with USI Wireless to provide wireless access across the whole city of Minneapolis. Immediately, I thought "OMG, it's free?" I decided to check it out today. Since I don't live within the actual city of Minneapolis, I headed down to Lake Hiawatha.

It's not really free. It requires a $19.95/month membership. Or you can buy blocks of time for a little less. Glad I went and tested it out myself before declaring that Minneapolis has free wifi to the whole world."

*Minneapolis-St. Paul is nicknamed the Twin Cities because the two cities basically blend into each other.

But, when I got home, I ran across this article where it talks about the city's free wi-fi hotspots requiring a credit card. Was I supposed to setup an account? Or was it because I wasn't actually close to a hotspot?

It doesn't really matter to me since I live in a southern suburb and free wifi is available at all of the libraries in the county. But now the curiosity is killing me. Plus, I really don't want to write that article until I know for sure.

Either way, this

was a much nicer place to write a blog post than my usual spot in front of a desktop.


Ferd said...

Oh, yeah, an outside office, park bench desk, by green grass and a lake. Perfect!

Isn't it funny how "free" things are never really free?

Berryvox said...

True! Somebody has always put time and/or money into the 'free' things.