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May 27, 2011

Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery Pt. 2

I wrote about Minneapolis Pioneers & Soldiers Cemetery a long time ago (link). But, that visit was in the month of November when it's closed for the season. (The last person was buried there in 1920. I doubt anybody's getting any visitors these days.) I don't usually go to that area. But, about a week ago, I finally got to go inside. Most of the tombstones are worn and you can barely read the engravings, if at all. But, for the most part, it's well-kept.

Love this statue. Could use some restoration though.

A closer view of the caretaker's cottage

Plaques next to the door

1 comment:

Ferd said...

It is interesting to ponder what life must have been like way back when.
Gail and I were at Mission Dolores in San Francisco late last year and saw a tombstone from 1776. It was old and faded also. Little by little lost and forgotten.
On the other hand, Gail is working on her family's genealogy. It has a funny way of bringing those people back to life!