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June 4, 2011

Folding Bikes!

Next time I get a city bike, I think I'm getting one of these. Green Zone Bikes makes a very cheap* bike that you can fold up and take inside at night or into school or work. I'm also considering a Dahon Speed P8 that looks similar to this one but can be used for touring. But, the wheels are only 20" so I'm wondering if you have to use a trailer instead of panniers. I've seen Bike Fridays (similar sort of bicycle) that are holding both front and rear panniers. I'll have to test-ride one before I decide.

On the bright side, I still have my 6 year-old mountain bike from Walmart. It was wedged behind some tables and it probably would've been difficult to get to for the thief. I haven't used it much in the past three years but it still seems to work well. Actually, I think the brakes on it perform better than the ones on my Randonee. So, I still have something to keep me in riding shape. And, for a bike I got from Walmart, it's actually a very good bike.

*$190 is cheap to me when it comes to bicycles. I'm normally a cheapskate (I wouldn't pay more than $2000 for a car.) but, since I use my bicycles so much, I want to go for quality.


Ferd said...

I've seen folding bikes and even rode one once. I was surprised at the gearing range. I thought the wheels would affect that more. I can't remember the brand, but I remember being impressed.

I wonder of anyone else has used them for touring. I supposed somebody somewhere probably has.

I drive a Honda Civic, not the most expensive car in the world. But my bike, by comparison, is where I spoiled myself. It's pretty important to me, too!

Keep us posted! :-)

Berryvox said...

Actually, a bunch of people at crazyguyonabike.com have used Bike Fridays for touring. I'd consider their "New World Tourist" but it's $2000. The Dahon I was looking at is $650.

I saw an older couple riding folding bikes on the trails yesterday morning. I would've asked them about it but they whooshed by a little too fast.