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June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

Grrrr... So, it looks like the Minnesota government will shutdown on July 1st. Basically, the governor and Republican members of the state congress are at odds over the budget for the year. Governor Dayton wants to increase taxes on the wealthiest 2% while the Republicans want to cut funding to essential services. 

For the most part, it won't affect me. I still care though. Some forms of welfare may stop which will affect the most vulnerable Minnesotans and some will probably be thrown into homelessness or won't be able to access the medical services they need. For that reason alone, I'm pissed off. And don't forget the tens of thousands of state employees who will be jobless during that time.

There's only one instance I can think of where it will affect me. I'm going bicycle touring in August. If there's still a government shutdown, the state parks will be closed for camping. Which means the private campgrounds will be overloaded. There's no way I could afford a motel every night and I might not be able to find a place to stealth camp very often. Private campgrounds are usually waaaay more expensive than the state parks anyway. So, basically, I'll just change direction and go south to Iowa. I hope Google biking directions are accurate. O.o

Update: Okay, never mind. Welfare won't stop. But, it's still ridiculous and will cost the state more than it saves. Example: the state parks will lose a huge amount from vehicle permits and camping fees.


Mike Golch said...

par for the course, don't you dare tax the welthy. Lenona Helmsley said it best"taxes are for the poor"

Ferd said...

Our whole country is in trouble because of the tax and spend mentality. That goes for Democrats and Republicans alike. Money really, really, really doesn't grow on trees. We all work hard for our it, and it's frustrating to see our tax dollars wasted by a government that doesn't use it wisely. Going trillions of dollars into debt is not wise or prudent. As a country, we are at the limit of what we can tax and borrow. It is time to take the hard steps required to get out of debt, before we are unable to pay our loans, like Greece.

ArtsyNina said...

Shutting down the state parks on a Holiday weekend is so ridiculous! Ugh!

Hope things are back to normal by August. Wouldn't want you to have to go to Iowa! lol

Berryvox said...

Ferd - I can understand wanting to decrease spending and reduce the national debt. But I tend to side with Dayton simply because 5% of the world owns 69% of the wealth. (Granted, taxing the top earners doesn't necessarily address that.) Capitalism is fine to a point but it's almost turning the population into a caste system.

ArtsyNina - I know! I read one quote where they said they might lose as much as $1 million a WEEK. Ha, I'm okay with Iowa. I just don't want to use Google's biking directions that are still in beta.