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June 28, 2011

More Thrift Store Finds

 Well, I sorta decluttered by donating eight books to the thrift store. But, I walked out with a Scooby-Doo lunch box, two books, and a U2 cd.

I really shouldn't call it a lunch box though. It's much too small for that purpose at only 5 1/2" wide. Let's call it a mini lunch box. :-) Even though it's missing the handle, this was absolutely, totally worth the $0.99. So, yes, I'm one of those middle-aged adults buying up toys/memorabilia from their childhood. If it's Scooby Doo or Strawberry Shortcake related, I'm buying it as long as the price is reasonable. 

I also almost bought this shirt but I really don't like sleeves that are that short.

It reads: "Minnesota Girl: Do I look like I grew up in a little house on the prairie?" It's not a great pic because I only had my cellphone on hand.


Ferd said...

We just saw a whole bunch of old lunch boxes on display at the Museum of American History in Washington. Funny how those things bring back good memories! :-)

ArtsyNina said...

I'd buy that shirt! hehehe

Berryvox said...

ArtsyNina - I'm sure it'll be gone next time I go. :)