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June 26, 2011

Pretty sure this is how hoarding starts

I'm strangely fascinated by the tv show, "Hoarders". If you've never heard of compulsive hoarding, go to this link. It's pretty typical of what most episodes looks like. I'm horrified by most of the episodes because of how dirty everything is. The ones with the animal hoarders are the worst. The cleanup crew will go through and occasionally find dead cat corpses among the piles of dust and dirt and various things with some value. But, on other episodes, things really aren't that dirty and I kinda empathize with the hoarder because they actually have cool stuff. It's only a problem because it's too much cool stuff.

Lately, thrift shops, dollar stores, and garage sales have made my "Wall O' Crap" explode into a mini-tribute to the show.

Pretty sure this is how it begins. *shudder*


Patti said...


I don't know ... if you can call it a "Wall O' Crap" I think you're still safe.


Berryvox said...

True, true! Most hoarders are attached to their belongings.

Ferd said...

Gail and I LOVE that show. We are dumbfounded by it. The dirty ones will show people going in with masks on their face, making faces at the stench. They have little walkways to get around the mountains of junk in every room. Wow! It's a really curious mental illness, and I think we all know people that have at least a little "hoarder" in them. - I'm not that attached to stuff either. And Gail keeps a very well organized house. I am SO grateful not to have this problem!

BTW, I LOL'd at your "Wall O' Crap" comment. Who's the little dog with pointed ears all over the top shelf?

ArtsyNina said...

I'm fascinated with that show. It's so strange... I have a hard time understanding how those people live. And then I look around my house and wonder if I am on my way there! lol

Berryvox said...

Ferd - Heh, I want the Wall O' Crap to grow. As long as the "hoard" is contained to one tiny space, it's kinda funny. And I have a rule that I'll never spend more than $1 for anything on the Wall O' Crap.

That's Gidget the Chihuahua from the Taco Bell commercials. :) I think they showed those commercials in the 90's. My mother collected the set and was trying to get rid of them at a recent garage sale. I told her, if they didn't sell, I would buy them.

ArtsyNina - Ha! I'm pretty sure a lot of cleaning sessions start every time an episode of Hoarders airs.