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July 5, 2011

4th of July Photo Fail

Oops. Part of the reason I went to Richfield's 4th of July Carnival was to take pictures. Unfortunately, most of them turned out like this one below. 

 This is the only one that came out somewhat decently. I can still see a little bit of a blur on one of the food stand workers.

Food stand at the Richfield, MN 4th of July Carnival 2011

It was a night of photography fails. Besides just taking photos, I also wanted to see if my camera would capture the fireworks on video. But, 3 minutes before the fireworks were scheduled to start, I started up my camera. The screen flashed "insufficient battery" and died. Fireworks aren't exactly a daily occurrence so it'll probably be a year before I'm able to try again. Oh, well. Now I know to keep an extra pair of batteries in my camera bag.

But, on the bright side, the fireworks were great and I had a fantastic seat.


Ferd said...

I have never been able to take a good fireworks shot. I'm sure there are tricks, and pretty sure they include using a tripod. Taking pictures in low light and at night is tricky.
The food stand picture is cool! It looks like it was a fun place to watch the festivities. Was the weather good?

Berryvox said...

True, true! It's hard to catch a good night-time shot. I was taking them pretty fast too so there was bound to be some shakiness. I didn't expect to get good fireworks photos at all but was wondering if the video might've done better. (Probably not.)

The weather was great! In the 80's and perfectly clear. :)

Kelly said...

We were at the Richfield fireworks too! I just love them - we've gone every year since we moved to Richfield, and I'm always impressed. My friends from St Paul and Minneapolis come too. This year was the first year we discovered the "other" part of the park, where all of the carnival stuff is. To think, we missed out on all of that for two years!

I had good luck using my iPhone last year to take fireworks photos. I thought they'd be terrible, but they weren't half bad. I've never done well with a traditional camera, though.