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July 18, 2011

I am SO not Ebay power seller material

I don't foresee Ebay Powerseller being in my future. Y'see, my mother's trying to sell off some of her collection of bobbleheads. Since she's absolutely certain that gigantic monster leeches will erupt from the ground and gnaw her to bits* if she touches a computer, it fell to me to list all 29 of them on Ebay. Gaaaah, that means taking photos of each one, uploading them from my camera to the computer, over to Ebay, and coming up with an (albeit crappy) description for each one.

*Wait....Can leeches gnaw? These ones can!

After listing about ten, my eyes glazed over and I took a break because I was absolutely dying of boredom. Seriously. How do some people do this all the time? Two or three listings at a time isn't that bothersome but 29 took a good two hours. And I didn't even screw around with formatting. But, I plowed through it. And, on the bright side, one of them already got a bid less than an hour after it was listed.

And, if you have a mad bobblehead obsession, then you can view my (well, her) listings at http://shop.ebay.com/irda9/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25 . They're mostly former US presidents and first ladies. But, there's also a few sports figures (Minnesota Twins and some racing car drivers) in there. 

Off! bug spray and tacky 70's wood paneling not included.


Ferd said...

Well, you must have sold them all because there were no listings at that link. Glad they sold! :-)
Maybe you are power seller material after all!

You know, there is special software that lets power users quickly list and track items.

Berryvox said...

The listings just ended. There were a few that didn't sell but she made something like $120 (minus fees) from the ones that did. :)

Yeah, I couldn't find any free software programs that do that. And I'm not likely to list that many things at once again. So, I didn't bother.