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September 27, 2011

More Yard Sale Crap

"Wow, your paintings have brush marks!" ~Homer Simpson

At $5, I probably overpaid for this painting especially since it has a little bit of damage but I genuinely liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't think to ask the woman who was selling it if she knew anything about it. And now I'm dying of curiosity about who painted it. The signature in the bottom right corner reads "Webster" but a web search pulled up nothing. It's probably a little-known artist but, in my horribly uninformed about art opinion, it's excellent.

I  also need to find a better place to take indoor pictures. The lighting is terrible in my room so everything's cast over with an orange tint. When I tried to use the flash, the picture turned into a sea of white.


Patti said...

I'm horribly uninformed too, but I think that's beautiful.

My very favourite painting is one I picked up for about $5 in a flea market in Ukraine. It's just a small, simple painting of flowers, but the depth of purple and contrasting yellow is just - gorgeous. It has a painted-white wooden frame.

I literally decorated an entire room in our last house, based on the colours in that painting. Now it's in my office.

Berryvox said...

That's why I love thrift stores/flea markets/garage sales. You could never find our paintings at Target. :)

AJ Rahn said...

If that frame is wood, then I would say the frame is worth $5 and you got a free picture with it.

As to the artist, I did a GooGoo search artist=webster and came up with a Thomas Webster, British painter 1800-1886. His style seems similar: http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/webster_thomas.html

Berryvox said...

AJ - Ack, I looked at it closer and it's definitely a reproduction. Different signature from Thomas Webster too. But I bought it because I liked it so I'm happy with the purchase.

Also, you're a WAY better researcher than I am. :)

AJ Rahn said...

Better researcher? LOL! In better days~before a mental health diagnosis~I worked for 10 years as a clerk in the St. Paul Public Library. Part of that time was in a small, 2 person branch. Clerks generally didn't do reference work (yeah-right).