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September 7, 2011

Off to Chicago for $2.50

So, Morrissey is playing Chicago on November 10 and, because he decided to skip Minneapolis*, I'm going. But, for now, that's not the interesting bit.

*Actually, I'm just delighted he's playing the Midwest at all. I expected a string of West Coast dates for a tour in slightly-cold November.

There's a bus line that runs throughout the Midwest and the Northeast called Megabus. I first heard of it when I traveled to another concert in Chicago. If you book far enough in advance, you can sometimes get bus tickets along their routes for $1.The $1 fares tend to go fast. I'm pretty sure only one or two fares are  offered at that price. After that, it goes to $5, then $10, and increments some more to $28. Which is actually a little more than Greyhound's buy it now price.

I must have gotten to the website just as November 9th and 11th became available. Because I now have roundtrip tickets to and from Chicago for $2 (plus a 50-cent reservation fee).

And, since I was there at the right time, I picked up roundtrip tickets to and from Memphis in December. I'm not completely certain I'll go. But, if I decide not to go, who cares about the ticket cost? It was only $4.50.

I've never had any particular interest in Memphis but it was as south as Megabus goes. And, in December, it sounded waaaay warmer than Minnesota. But, I still wish they extended their bus lines to New Orleans, Savannah, GA, Las Vegas, Florida, and San Francisco. Places I really want to go.

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