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October 7, 2011

A Walk Through The Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail

Yesterday, I headed to downtown Minneapolis to look at the Stone Arch Bridge. There's a pedestrian and bicycle path across the top of it.

I've never traveled it before so I decided it had to be done. It's probably the best place to view St. Anthony Falls.
Blurry photo of St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis, MN
Which was far more interesting to look at in 1865 before the lock and dam tamed it.

St. Anthony Falls, 1865
Photo Credit: St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board
I've been on the west side of the Mississippi many times before but I'd never been in this particular part on the east side of the river. Lovely scenery!

This would be a better photo without all the shrubbery and power lines.
 And a hilarious historical marker

 Which reads:

"Pettingill's Wonderful Water.  A natural spring flows from the rock at the base of Hennepin Bluff below this spot. According to tradition, the iron-red mud at the spring provided pigment for the Native Americans. White settlers of the 1850s believed the water had medicinal qualities. In 1875 the enterprising M.P. Pettingill capitalized on the popularity of the falls as a tourist mecca and health resort by building a spa and selling the water. The business was abandoned in the early 1880s when the source of the spring was traced to a dirty swamp some distance away."



Ferd said...

Great pics and the story that goes with it!

The last one was funny! It reminds me of a company that was selling "natural spring water" and it was discovered they were filling the bottles with tap water from their New York City apartment.

Berryvox said...

I think I remember that story! Or one similar to it.