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November 8, 2011

Chicago Trip Cancelled...Kinda

I'm starting to think I have a curse following me when it comes to travel. A mere two hours ago, I was all prepared for my trip to Chicago to see a Morrissey concert. I was all "Yay! Morrissey! Yay! Lincoln Park Zoo! Yay! Maybe Sears Tower* if I have the time!" And, then, I logged into my email to find an email from Congress Theatre saying the concert had been cancelled and moved to December 17. For 2 minutes, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. 'But, but, but....' I thought as the 15-year-old who wants everything "OMG! NOW!" within me howled in despair.

*I refuse to call it by its new name, Willis Tower. Except I just did.

But, it could've been worse. I could have found out after I had gotten to Chicago. Most concerts are cancelled the day of the concert (usually due to illness). Since there was some advance notice, I was able to cancel my hostel reservation before I would've been charged for a night. (Though, if I had been too late, I would've just gone anyway. What's $30 more for a second night?) I only paid $2.50 for the Megabus bus tickets so I wasn't out much for the travel. There are people who fly in from far-away states and other countries just to see a concert. Those people lost hundreds of dollars and can't easily reschedule unless they've got a lot of spare cash.

And, it's not totally cancelled. It's simply postponed until December. I've already bought new bus tickets for the December show. And, because Greyhound was actually cheaper than Megabus (Only $10.50 roundtrip!), I get to wait in a nice warm terminal instead of shivering in a downtown parking lot.

P.S. Just to clarify, I'm not angry about the show being postponed. Things happen and I'm just glad there was some notice.

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Adel said...

Sometimes if we really want something there is always a delay effect but that thing will still come even if delays happen and it is better the second time around.

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