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"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." ~Amelia Earhart

March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I don't know why I keep going to parades. It sounds like a good idea at the time but, when I get there, it turns out to be little more than a bunch of people walking slowly and waving.  As far as parades go, though, the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Minneapolis wasn't bad. I've seen better (e.g. the St. Paul Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade) and I've seen worse. Unfortunately, you don't get pictures. After a bit of trying, I gave up taking them because I had a dreadful vantage point.

Still, it was neat to see downtown Minneapolis as busy as it was. Most of the time, it's a somewhat quiet area but, tonight, there were hundreds of people moving along both Hennepin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue.

* * *

On the way back, the bus stopped at Southdale, a shopping mall in Edina. I wasn't going to stop in but my bladder told me that I must. As I was racing through the mall, I stumbled across this in front of the Apple store.

The best way I can describe it is... It's an interactive rug. It plays animations that are similar to screensavers. But, when you step on it, it reacts. In the video, you can see the basketballs bouncing away from my foot. Neat!

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