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April 29, 2012

Photos from the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden & Bird Sanctuary

I found it! The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, that is. You wouldn't think that would be that exciting but, on two previous trips where I tried to find the garden, I couldn't. The bike trails between Lake Calhoun and this area aren't well-marked so, both times, I turned off too early and ended up in downtown Minneapolis. But this time I found Theodore Wirth Parkway and all turned out well.

If I would have continued going north, I would've traveled through the Victory Memorial part of the Grand Rounds bicycle trails. I'll save that for another time. :)

It reads:
"Victory Memorial Drive
Dedicated to the
memory of the soldiers,
sailors and marines
of Hennepin County
who lost their lives in
the Great World War

I think this is the visitor center.

I'm amazed by this sanctuary and the surrounding Theodore Wirth Park. This is in the middle of a fairly well-populated metropolitan area and it looks like you're in the wilderness. Granted, it's a part of the wilderness with walking trails and park benches and wooden bridges that stop you from having to wade in the streams. But you wouldn't guess that you're only a couple miles from downtown Minneapolis.

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Ferd said...

Very nice, and I could hear the birds in the video! :-)