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June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hi! I'm back! I've been randomly thinking of getting back to blogging but I've led such a boring life these past few months that I didn't have much to write about. Maybe it'll even inspire me to get out more. I've been thinking about going to the zoo lately. The only reason I haven't is that the bus ride is kinda long and I don't know if my bicycling legs are good enough to get that far (and back! very important!) right now.

*My broken arm/elbow has mostly healed. There's a looong surgery scar and I don't have nearly as much strength in my left arm as I used to. But, the pain's mostly gone and I can do almost anything I used to be able to. One annoying part: I was just starting to get into yoga before the accident and that's not really possible now. I could probably do it with modifications but it often just gets painful and frustrating. On the bright side, I'm sooooo glad I had insurance. That was a $10,000+ accident that involved a short hospital stay and weeks of physical therapy.

*I took my parents to Denny's yesterday for Father's Day. Normally, that restaurant is fairly quiet but, yesterday, they had a line. Still, it wasn't a terribly long wait. It took less than ten minutes and, considering how busy it was, they were very quick getting the food out. One of my gripes about a similar restaurant chain around here, Perkins, is that it often takes 30+ minutes between ordering your food and getting it. I'm not a patient enough person for that. I had their Fit Fare Veggie Skillet. I didn't actually get it because it was a healthier choice. It's just that it's one of their few vegetarian choices. In fact, if I ever get it again, I'll ask for proper scrambled eggs instead of egg whites. All the flavor is in the yolk. It was still fantastic though. Also, lately, I've been obsessed with specialty drinks. I can't stand coffee so the mocha/latte/caramel/cappucino/espressos aren't for me but I'm all over smoothies, milkshakes, slushies, and different-flavored sodas. So, I had an Oreo milkshake. I don't need to try it again but it was an interesting taste. It honestly tastes likes Oreos. A week or two back, I had their (limited-time only!) Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake which was fantastic.

*On the way back, I stopped at a garage sale. At first, I didn't think they were going to have anything but then I saw a sign about a mini-fridge. I'd been thinking about buying one for awhile but didn't really want to spend $100+ on one. When he offered it to me for $30, I gladly agreed. Awesome deal. I would've bought one of those tiny cube ones if I bought it from Target and this one is much bigger. Also, a lot of those mini-fridges have bad reviews where they say it doesn't keep items very cold and/or are really loud. This one is pretty quiet and I actually had to turn the temperature down this morning because it froze my soda slightly overnight.

My new mini-fridge!

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