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November 5, 2015

Should I Get Back Into Blogging?

Note: Sorry about the length of this post. It feels like it's much too long for a personal journal post. I totally do not blame anybody who looks at it and mutters "Too long, didn't read".

I've been thinking about getting back into blogging. As you can see, I'm obviously here and I'm obviously doing it. There were a few things that started this off. First of all, an old name came back to me from the days when I blogged. I used to read her blog on the regular and it made me curious about what she was doing these days. So I looked her up on Google and discovered her YouTube channel and text blog. She's REALLY into journalling and her posts kind of intrigued me and made me think about blogging again. I've decided not to publish her name just because it's probably a little weird that her name pops into my head out of the blue years after I've read or even commented on her blogs. Haha, I don't want her to think it's weird or stalkerish (which it totally is not). Again, the only reason I mention it is to explain why I decided to blog again.

A second thing that spurred it on was coming across an article mentioning morning pages. Morning pages are a technique recommended by the author of "The Artist's Way", Julie Cameron. I was a little surprised to come across it because, many years ago, I borrowed that book from the library. I then moved cross-country and never returned it. It's been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. (Just for the record, the library system realized who I was when I returned to Minnesota and got a new library card. So I did pay for it eventually! ...Way too much actually.) Anyway, the morning pages technique is to basically write out three pages longhand of stream of consciousness every day in a 8X11 notebook. I don't know why I started doing this but, about a week ago, I did. I think it was the looming start date of Nanowrimo, which I always intend to do but never do. In my Google Docs folder, there's a 12,000 word manuscript of a terrible unfinished novel. So obviously I started doing it one year and got distracted. Anyway I'm rambling. Back to the topic! Like I said, I started doing the morning pages and, at first, I was painfully slow at it. For one, I'd get distracted because honestly it's damn difficult to think about three pages worth of topics to write about, especially when you first start  And two, it was actually physically difficult to write longhand for that many pages. I rarely do it anymore so my hand would be exhausted by the end of the first page. Since I started, it's become quicker. I can get the three pages done in 45 minutes or less. It would be faster on the computer but I'm choosing to "follow the rules". Besides, it's building up my handwriting, a possibly archaic skill these days.

And the morning pages really have helped. This is a terrible thing to admit to but I really don't have to think about anything these days. Everything in my life can be done in a very monotonous and robotic manner. It forces me to think up subjects, I guess.

If you're reading this blog, you might notice that I had a bunch of video blogs posted before this. I tried to get into the whole YouTube thing but I am the exact opposite of somebody who takes selfies all day. I'm really not fond of looking at myself all day. I can't do it. While I COULD simply tape a webcam monologue and throw it on YouTube (and I may do that on occasion in the future), I tend to think they should be edited together with at least a little bit of professionalism most of the time. I hate doing YouTube videos.

So I'm going to challenge myself and attempt to write a blog post every day. And I think this blog post is more than long enough for today even though I've basically said very little.

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